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We are dedicated to creating and maintaining Washroom environments that are not only Clean and Hygienic, but also Safe, Pleasant and Welcoming, prevent the spread of E-coli, Fungicide, and Bactericide, Odor Control, Sanitize Toilets, Stalls, Urinals, Mirrors, Faucets and Fixture. An entire facility is often judged by its overall cleanliness. A clean building is critical to leaving a favorable impression of your establishment and to safeguarding public health. Many visitors to a building use the restroom, this area causes more complaints than any other part of a building. Clean washrooms are particularly critical to leaving a favorable impression of your establishment. A total restroom cleaning system includes effective odor control which complements the cleaning and disinfecting elements. Though the restroom may be spotless, if malodor persists, the public will doubt the sanitation standard of the facility. If odor control is not part of a total restroom sanitation program, then a critical element is missing. Washroom maintenance program is a system which addresses Odor Control {ODOR CONTROL} The air quality in your restroom depends on total environment sanitation. Soil removal and disinfecting are essential elements of a complete washroom care program. But many odors cannot be eliminated solely through the use of detergents and disinfectants. Proper odor control is an issue in many areas of your facility including washrooms, locker rooms, cooking areas, refuse areas, occupancy rooms, and many more. True odor control is accomplished by using counteractants and air-freshening agents. We use a variety of odor controlling agents and products to deal with most Malodor you will encounter in your facility.

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